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Why should you start a meditation practice?

You are not your thoughts and emotions. We tend to identify with every thought or emotion that rises within us. But what if those thoughts and emotions are not useful to us? what if many of the thoughts and emotions we experience are holding us back? Mindfulness meditation can allow us to quiet the mind while improving focus. We learn to let thoughts and emotions pass through us rather than take control of us. And as we are liberated from the bonds of that which is not of use to us, we get to become more wholly our true selves.

Mindfulness is the act of being in the present moment. It is our thoughts that pull us out of the present. We are constantly berouged by a multitude of thoughts; thoughts planning the future, thoughts rehashing the past, thoughts judging ourselves and others, thoughts about our wants and desires, stories and fantasies that will never come to be. This constant noise causes all sorts of suffering that is unnecessary. So much of our fear, anxiety, delusion, and attachment is simply a symptom of the constant noise in our minds. Bringing ourselves to the present moment allows us to quiet the mind and become free from the unnecessary suffering we cause ourselves. Then, as we train mindfulness, our minds become more one-pointed, less cluttered, more focused, and we become more and more free from the thoughts and emotions that do not serve us.

Our higher-self, always shining like the sun, is often blocked by the clouds of ego attachment, creating the shadow of suffering that comes from within. Bringing a meditation practice into your life will help you clear the clouds away, allowing this higher-self, in all its magnificence, to become a larger part of your daily experience. It is not about changing who you are, it is about uncovering that part of you that is always there waiting. 

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