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What is Non-Duality?

Non-Duality is a philosophy and a theory. Put simply, all are one. This concept is not completely foreign to us as a culture. We have heard it in songs and poetry. It is a concept often spoken about in the psychedelic communities, and by mystics for millennia. There are non-dual traditions of every religion. There are even non-dual theories of physics, such as the Grand Unified Theory.

When we break down the mind, we find that consciousness is fundamental. And that fundamental consciousness that illuminates experience in you is the same as the consciousness that illuminates experience in all. This is the non-dual perspective that is taught at Blue Moose Meditation. This perspective is important because it is our separateness, and our attachment to that separateness that divides us and causes so much of our suffering. And we are no more separate from each other than we are from the world that sustains us. The closer we get to awakening to this unity, the more we walk in the world with love and compassion for others. There is great joy and peace in this awakening, which is achieved through the path of meditation. May we all realize our unity.

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